Matteo Aielli

Role: Professional Guide | Languages Spoken: English, Italian, Finnish | Hometown: Ponte di Legno, Italy | Member of the team Since: 2022

Matteo’s upbringing in Ponte di Legno, nestled amidst majestic mountains, shaped his love for the outdoors. This serene alpine village rests at the foot of renowned cycling ascents like Passo Gavia and Mortirolo. Throughout his life, Matteo has found immense happiness in cycling and engaging in various winter and summer sports. Initially pursuing a career as an architect, he gained valuable experience both domestically and internationally before gradually transitioning towards his true passion. Embarking on a guiding adventure, Matteo now thrives as a Nature interpretive guide, leading hiking and cycling expeditions during summer and crafting ice musical instruments during winter. Renowned for his natural ability to connect with people and ensure their safety on the road, he effortlessly creates a sense of comfort for his clients. Immersed in the alpine region’s rich culture and beyond, Matteo possesses the exceptional ability to unravel the authentic essence of the places we traverse, always accompanied by a warm smile and boundless energy.

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