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Who we are

Ciclismoplus S.r.l. is your passport to an extraordinary cycling adventure in Italy. As an authorized inbound cycling touring company, we specialize in elevating your experience through premium bike rental services in Tuscany whilst thanks to our brand Pedalitaly, we also open the door to an exceptional opportunity to explore Italy’s cyclist’s paradise. Whether you opt for a daily or a multi-day bike tour under Pedalitaly’s banner, our commitment is to transform every ride into an unforgettable journey, guided by our local professional riding experts. Join us, and let the road to cycling excellence in Italy unfold before you!

Why Ciclismoplus

Ciclismoplus sets the stage for an unparalleled biking experience, offering the rental of premium bikes from carefully curated high-end cycling brands. With our operational hubs in Lucca and Florence, we extend the convenience of delivering these exceptional bikes to your preferred locations across Tuscany and throughout Italy. Why Canyon, Scott and 3T? Simply put, we believe in providing our clients with the absolute best. That’s why we’ve selected these elite brands as we ventured into the bike rental industry. Whether you’re craving the thrill of the road, the excitement of gravel trails, or the ease of an electric ride, Ciclismoplus ensures that your rental experience goes beyond expectations. With us, it’s not just about getting the best bike; it’s about receiving a professional and high-quality service that we are committed to offering every one of our clients


Renting a bike in Tuscany for un unforgettable bike tour in Italy

Bike Rental in Tuscany

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Bike Tours in Italy

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Meet the team

We are a team of professionals with many years of managerial and cycling experience united by a great passion for cycling and for Italy. A country in which we have travelled far and wide on the saddles of our “specialissime”.

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