Pedro’s Poem – Bike Rental in Tuscany | What our guests say

Pedro from Portugal got in touch with us during 2022 as they were interested in renting a bike in Tuscany to fulfil his and his friend’s dream of riding from Pisa to Rome. We reached out to Pedro asking him if he’d like to be part of our project “What our guests say”. He wrote a unique poem about their cycling experience in Italy:

In blue Canyon bikes we hop
Rented from Ciclismoplus, what a great shop
From Pisa to Rome, we’ll pedal on
Our legs are fresh at the break of dawn

We ride beneath the Tuscan sun
These gravel roads are so much fun
What a sight! Beautiful fields and cypress trees
The people are warm and so is the breeze

We stop to taste the local food
The genuine flavors are so good
Pizza and pasta, a true delight
A taste of Italy that feels just right

We’re tired. We cycled all day
We need a good place to stay
The hills of Italy were a good test
But now we lay our bikes to rest

For tomorrow, we’ll do it again
Pedaling on with determination
making memories that will remain
and that’s no exaggeration!

Content provided by Pedro Mendes
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