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City of Art

The city of Lucca, where Ciclismoplus is based, is one of the prides of Tuscany. Located in the northwest of the region, it is found in the plains between the highlands of Pizzorne and Mount Serra, which separates it from the nearby city of Pisa and its airport. It is only one hour from Florence and it is one of the most beautiful art cities in Italy, known for the intact fifteenth-century city walls surrounding it, with its four kilometer walk, and historic center. The center has also remained close to its original look, boasting many Medieval and Renaissance architectural masterpieces that make this town a true jewel. Lucca enjoys an extraordinary position between the mountains and the sea, set on a plain against the legendary Tuscan hills.

The area around the city is divided into four zones: Piana di Lucca, Media Valle del Serchio, Garfagnana and Versilia.

Piana di Lucca is full of ancient villas, centuries-old churches, vineyards and olive groves. It extends from the city walls towards its neighboring towns and features flat, hilly and picturesque itineraries that make bike rides pleasant and dynamic at the same time. For those who love culinary traditions, the Strada del Vino e dell’Olio di Lucca, Montecarlo e Versilia is a must. It passes through the heart of Lucca’s famous wine and olive oil production area.

Lucca is the perfect location for a cycling holiday, just 30 km from the sea and 30 km from some great climbs, it has more than 50 different routes for all kinds of different cycling levels. A cycling trip in Lucca is the perfect combination between relaxing rides and challenging adrenaline rides. You can rent a bike or an e-bike in Lucca to enjoy the wonders of this beautiful area.

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