Tuscany Bike Tours

Tuscany Bike Tours

Under the Tuscan sun

When it comes to history, art, culture, great food, superb wines and an unrivalled cycling tour, Tuscany is one of the most interesting parts of the world. While pedalling in this sophisticated region in central Italy, we will indulge in its spectacular natural landscapes with scenic views of the Chianti area, Crete Senesi, the Apuan Alps and the Lucchesia covered with woodlands, vineyards and silver-green olive groves, admiring the elegant villas scattered through the whole region. On our cycling holidays we will also immerse ourselves in the history of its most famous towns such as Florence, Lucca, Siena and many beautiful hamlets which boast many Medieval and Renaissance architectural masterpieces that will take you back to a time long-gone. Biking in Tuscany means pedaling along the Strade del Vino e dell’ Olio to find out more about great wines and olive oils, while sampling local delicacies. Our carefully selected chefs will treat us to unforgettable typical dishes while sipping splendid wines such as Brunello di Montalcino, Cabernet and Chianti Classico and sampling authentic local experiences.

Lucca Bike Tour

Over these seven days, we’ll bike together through the hills around Lucca, surrounded by an ocean of olive trees, vineyards, oak and cypress groves and wild forests. We’ll introduce you to the most beautiful and evocative hamlets in the area and we will lead you through the national park of the Apuan Alps. 7 days/6 nights | Level: 3/5 | From €1.790

Strade Bianche Bike Tour

Over these eight days cycling tour, we’ll bike together in the Chianti area, one of the most beautiful areas of Tuscany and experience the excitement of the Strade Bianche, the One Day Northern Classics series most southern race venue. Join us on our Strade Bianche Bike Tour. 8 days/7 nights | Level: 4/5 | From €2.490

Lucca and Cinque Terre Bike Tour

On this exciting bike tour, we’ll pedal along some of the most beautiful routes and see picturesque hills and valleys which define a landscape of unique natural beauty and architecture. We’ll discover Tuscany, Cinque Terre and Liguria in all their aspects, thanks to a combination of history, nature and local traditions. 7 days/6 nights | Level: 2,5/5 | From €2.190

Lucca to Assisi Bike Tour

On this seven day bike tour, we’ll discover breathtaking getaways with panoramic views along the “Road to Valour”, ridden by the great Gino Bartali during his heroic rides to save a large number of Jews during WW2. We will be greeted by a luxury of natural beauty and we’ll visit some of the most evocative villages in Italy. 7 days/6 nights | Level: 2,5/5 | From €2.490

Coast to Coast Bike Tour

On this mind-blowing cycling tour, we’ll let our spirits soar in the breathtaking natural landscape through Tuscany, Umbria and Marche. We’ll explore lowland forests, hilltop hamlets and captivating ancient towns which still retain a charm of their own. 8 days/7 nights | Level: 2,5/5 | From €2.790

L'Eroica Bike Tour

Discover the Chianti region and immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere of L’Eroica, the world famous event combining challenging routes, magnificent landscapes and unforgettable refreshments in a unique way. During this bike tour you will discover two breathtaking destinations in Tuscany while riding your vintage bicycle surrounded by vineyards and olive trees in the Chianti area and enjoying the heartbreaking landscapes of the Crete Senesi. 5 days/4 nights | Level: 3/5 | From €1.350

Bartali 180

Bartali 180 – The Hero’s Path – is an annual ride from Florence to Assisi in commemoration of Gino Bartali. Gathering cycling enthusiasts from all over the world, the ride is non-competitive and serves as a fundraiser to support the Gino Bartali Youth Leadership School. 5 days/4 nights | Level: 3/5 | From €2.500

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