ENDU Ciclismoplus Granfondo XP

Following the success of the first initiative of our project “Cycling in Italy from Home” which was  to become part of the amazing Virtual Granfondo Circuit in Italy produced by ENDU and invited our friends from around the world to join us on these great Virtual races, we have now decided to partner up with ENDU once again.

We united our thoughts searching for a solution to assist the organizers of some of the best Granfondos in Italy that unfortunately this year have had to cancel their events because of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

This time the partnership will not be a virtual one, but a physical one. ENDU and Ciclismoplus will team up to deliver  “ENDU Ciclismoplus Granfondo XP”, an extraordinary exclusive experience for not more than 20 cyclists to ride on the routes of these unique Granfondos in some of the most breathtaking destinations in Italy.

What is ENDU Ciclismoplus Granfondo XP?

Endu Ciclismoplus Granfondo XP, is the first Italian Cycling Circuit created by Endu and Ciclismoplus together with the patronage of the Granfondo partners of this initiative. It gives you the opportunity to participate in a private version of some of the most beautiful and iconic Granfondos of our country. During these exclusive long weekends, you will cycle with us in groups of no more than twenty people, in total safety, putting yourself to the test with the official routes of some of the most demanding Italian cycling races. Our team of experts will take care of you at all times of the day with a series of high-level services usually reserved for professional cyclists; our staff will always follow you by bike and with the Ciclismoplus Support Car to give you all the support you will need during your rides. You will discover some of the most beautiful destinations in Italy, enjoying delicious typical local dishes, fine wines and fully enjoying a truly exclusive long weekend in the company of those who share your passion.

Take part in the first official private edition of your favourite Granfondo!

Which Granfondos will it include?

ENDU Ciclismoplus Granfondo XP will include the following unique Granfondos:

Granfondo Marcialonga Craft XP

Have fun with us testing your cycling endurance on the four Dolomite passes, the theatre of the renowned Marcialonga Granfondo: Costalunga Pass, Pampeago Pass and continuing along the cross-country route, the San Pellegrino Pass and the Valles Pass. Amazing breathtaking descents at high speeds and evil but  totally alluring epic climbs, which still leave you the time to be enchanted by the beautiful Carezza lake or to linger on the wonderful Pale di San Martino, without losing the rhythm of your ride.

Learn more https://www.ciclismoplus.com/granfondoxp-en/marcialonga/

Granfondo Gavia and Mortirolo XP

We will cycle together with Damiano Cunego in the heart of the wonderful Italian Alps between Valtellina and the upper Valle Camonica along the roads of the Granfondo Gavia Mortirolo Damiano Cunego, where legendary moments of the Giro d’Italia have been written. We will put our cycling skills to the test by tackling the Gavia and Mortirolo, two of the most epic climbs in Italy, always included in the stages of the Rosa caravan.

Learn more https://www.ciclismoplus.com/granfondoxp-en/gaviamortirolo/

Granfondo Versilia XP

Let’s cycle together in the legendary Versilia along hidden roads between the wonderful Apuan Alps, home of the white Carrara marble  renowned all over the world, and the Tyrrhenian sea. We will test ourselves pedalling along the official routes of the historic Granfondo Versilia tackling climbs such as the Cipollaio, the Passo del Vestito, Pedona that will repay our efforts with breathtaking views of the Versilian coast and the Gulf of Spezia that separates Tuscany from Liguria. We will pedal amiably on the renowned rolling hills of this magnificent area of Tuscany surrounded by centuries-old olive groves and lush vineyards.

Learn more https://www.ciclismoplus.com/granfondoxp-en/versilia/

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