MEET THE Milanese

Benedetta Pastore

Role: Professional Guide | Languages Spoken: Italian, English | Hometown: Milano, Italy | Member of the team Since: 2024

Benedetta is the “Milanese” of the team, the dynamic force behind our cycling adventures in the north of Italy. She brings a wealth of expertise to the team, armed with a degree in Actuarial Statistical Sciences. Fuelled by a deep passion for outdoor life and sports, Benedetta embodies the essence of living life to the fullest. Cycling isn’t just a hobby—it’s a way of life. For Benedetta, it’s a remedy to tackle each day with energy and a smile. With every pedal stroke, she finds herself immersed in the beauty of her surroundings, discovering hidden gems that captivate her attention. An avid photographer, she cherishes capturing the most breathtaking moments along the way. Often described as a volcano of energy, Benedetta’s true strength lies in her authenticity. She exudes passion, dedication, and compassion in everything she does, leaving a lasting impact on the world of cycling. Her influence resonates with all who cross her path, inspiring and lighting the way for fellow cyclists. 

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