Scott Addict RC 40

  • Sizes: XS49 / S52 / M54 / L56
  • Price for 1 day: €45,00

Scott Addict RC 40

  • Sizes: XS49 / S52 / M54 / L56
  • Price for 1 day: €45,00


Are you a passionate cyclist seeking the perfect blend of precision, speed, and comfort to conquer the stunning landscapes of Tuscany? Look no further – the SCOTT Addict RC 40 is your ultimate companion!

This high-performance bike with its lightweight carbon fibre frame delivers optimal comfort and speed.

Whether you’re conquering Tuscany’s enchanting countryside or dominating epic climbs, the Addict RC 40 provides a seamless and efficient cycling experience. It’s your competitive advantage, ready to sprint to a mountain top finish or triumph in your local criterium. Light up the road and savour every cycling moment!

AVAILABLE SIZES: XS49 / S52 / M54 / L56

Rental Rates

1 Day: €45,00

2 Days: €88,00

3 Days: €129,00

4 Days: €168,00

5 Days: €205,00

Extra Days: €40,00

Inclusions & Details

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