3T Racemax rival

  • Sizes: 2XS / XS51 / S54 / M56 / L58 / XL61
  • Price for 1 day: €45,00


  • Sizes: 2XS / XS51 / S54 / M56 / L58 / XL61
  • Price for 1 day: €45,00


Are you looking to rent a gravel bike in Tuscany? Well, you’re in luck! We have an awesome bike that not only delivers high performance but also seamlessly combines the sleek aesthetics and smooth ride of a road bike with the capability to conquer gravel terrains.

Tailored for passionate riders seeking versatility, our outstanding gravel bicycle, enables you to cycle along various terrains and venture beyond conventional paved roads.

It’s an ideal choice for exploring the renowned gravel roads of Tuscany, globally celebrated for hosting prestigious events like Le Strade Bianche, L’Eroica, La Nova Eroica, and many others.

AVAILABLE SIZES: 2XS / XS51 / S54 / M56 / L58 / XL61

Rental Rates

1 Day: €45,00

2 Days: €88,00

3 Days: €129,00

4 Days: €168,00

5 Days: €205,00

Extra Days: €40,00

Inclusions & Details

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