Virtual Tours

Virtual Bike Tours

  • Have you been dreaming of cycling in Italy from home? PEDALITALY is the answer.

Virtual Bike Tours

  • Have you been dreaming of cycling in Italy from home? PEDALITALY is the answer.

Virtual Events Overview

Ride with us in Italy from the comfort of your own home.

While dreaming about your next bike tour in Italy, join us to virtually pedal along some of the most beautiful and suggestive real roads of our country. Thanks to today’s augmented reality technology you will have the chance to experience a completely new way to enjoy our virtual bike tours and virtual races from home connecting to the innovative digital format PEDALITALY. Let’s have fun together!  


Cinque Terre Virtual Tour

Are you interested in discovering more about our Cinque Terre Bike Tour? Join the next virtual tour.


Tonale Virtual Tour

Have you ever cycled in Lombardy? Join the next Tonale Virtual Tour and discover this unique cycling destination.


Trebbio Virtual Tour

The Trebbio virtual tour is a route that we cycle along during our Lucca Bike Tour. Join the next Trbbio Virtual Tour and enjoy the breathtaking views.


Verona Virtual Tour

Curious about what it's like to cycle in Verona? Join the Verona Virtual Tour and fall in love.


Monte Serra Virtual Tour

Climb the famous Monte Serra, a fouvirtie of our Lucca Bike Tour. Join the Monte Serra Virtual Tour.


Campiglio Virtual Tour

Cycling in Trentino is truly unbelivable. To discover why, join the Campiglio Virtual Tour, famous climb of the last stage of the 2020 Giro d'Italia.


Mortirolo Virtual Tour

The Mortirolo Pass is one of the most famous climbs in Lombardy. Join the next Mortirolo Virtual Tour and enjoy the views.


Imola Virtual Tour

Join the Imola Virtual Tour and enjoy the green and rolling hills of Romagna. The route starts from the racetrack of the World Road Cycling Championships 2020


Valpolicella Virtual Tour

Cycle virtually in Valpolicella an area famous all over the world for its wines. Join the Valpolicella Virtual Tour.


Giau Virtual Tour

The Giau Pass is one of the legendary passes of the Giro d’Italia. Join the Giau virtual tour in the Dolomites.


Siena Virtual Tour

Join the Siena Virtual Tour and discover the beauty the surrounds the famous gravel roads of Siena, highlight of our Strade Bianche Bike Tour and Siena Bike Tour.


Bologna Virtual Tour

Bologna is surrounded by green hills, rolling plains and beautiful parks. Join the Bologna Virtual Tour and enjoy the magnificent views.


Cònero Virtual Tour

Discover one of the most beautiful places in central Italy, the Riviera del Conero, while climbing one of the locals favoutire peaks, Monte Conero. Join the Cònero Virtual Tour.


Sardinia Virtual Tour

Join the Sardinia Virtual Tour that takes you into the heart of the region cycling through Nuoro, Orgosolo and Momoiada.


Pordoi Virtual Tour

The Pordoi Pass is one of the most famous passes in the Dolomites. Join the Pordoi Virtual Race and discover what to expect when riding in the cyclists paradise.

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